World Lion Day today

This video says about itself:

Lion Facts for World Lion Day 2016

Aug. 10th is World Lion Day. How much do you know about these awesome big cats? Watch & share!

Art by Ken Gitau

From National Geographic:

Today is World Lion Day. Give a roar for the big cats you’ve helped save!

It’s a special day to celebrate lions and to recognize their critical role in helping nature to thrive.

But it’s also the day to remember Cecil, the lion killed by an American trophy hunter, and so many other lions now at risk. With lion and other big cat populations declining worldwide due to hunting, conflict, habitat loss, and other threats, it’s urgent that we take action for all big cats in the wild now!

Please celebrate World Lion Day and help give threatened big cats a future by donating to the National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative today.

To show how your generous support can make a difference, I’d like to share updates from two innovative, community-based programs that are saving lions right now.

Shivani Bhalla works in northern Kenya. She hires young Samburu warriors to be peaceful ambassadors for lions, and reduces conflicts between humans and big cats through her Warrior Watch program. They’ve already prevented the killing of at least 35 lions! And now, thanks to the funding provided by National Geographic Society supporters like you, she’s training more warriors to join her efforts.

Amy Dickman is helping farmers and families in Tanzania prevent conflict with lions by using proven techniques like reinforced bomas (fences) and guard dogs to better protect livestock. She started with five villages, but now she will be expanding to 15 with your help. Your generous donation to the Society could prevent the deaths of up to 1,000 lions and 200 cheetahs!

The impact of these projects is powerful and proven. They show how, with your generous support, the Society funds innovative ideas that empower our explorers to test, improve, and expand effective conservation programs.

But to make a larger difference more funding is needed now to invest in the solutions that save lions and other big cats. Today, I am asking for YOUR support.

Please help the National Geographic Society invest in more innovative programs to protect lions and other threatened wildlife today.

As you think about what World Lion Day means to you, remember that lions aren’t only amazing and majestic creatures on their own . . .

They are also a vital part of a larger habitat that includes many other animals. When lions thrive, the whole ecosystem is healthier. When lions and other big cats decline, nature is thrown out of balance.

Shivani Bhalla and Amy Dickman are just two of the brilliant conservationists working with communities to help save lions. The impact of their work is spreading!

And so is the impact of our generous supporters. In the last six years, Society donors have helped us support 88 projects in the field in 27 countries.

Now it’s time to do even more together. Because with lions and other big cats facing increasing risks, we must intensify our efforts and expand proven programs.

You can help. Please celebrate World Lion Day right now by joining with the National Geographic Society to fund even more innovative, on-the-ground solutions where they are needed most.

Only by working together can we give lions and other threatened wildlife a future. We need your help.

Thank you!


Sarah Stallings
Director, Annual Giving

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