Bird news from Dutch national park

This is a May 2011 Dutch video on Oostvaardersplassen national park.

Wildlife warden Jan Griekspoor from Dutch national park Oostvaardersplassen writes today about 2016 bird news.

This includes:

80 spoonbill couples nest in Oostvaardersplassen this year.

There are 200 great egret couples as well.

Lesser egrets have probably nested in 2016.

There were at least 12 calling male bitterns; meaning probably more nests.

In the Oostvaardersveld, black-winged stilts have nested.

At least 60 marsh harrier couples this year.

There are about 1,000 shoveler ducks, less than usually.

This year’s sea eagle eaglet is doing well. It flies regularly around the nest.

About 1,800 great cormorant couples nest; less than in other years.

There are at least 25 nesting territories of the rare spotted crake.

Finally, young red foxes everywhere.


18 thoughts on “Bird news from Dutch national park

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