Help catch wolf poachers, get reward

This video says about itself:

There were four adorable wolf pups, just one week old. The entire pack works together to care for those young pups.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

WWF reward after finding dead she-wolf

TODAY, 15:26

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Germany offers a reward to catch the culprit who last month shot a wolf. The wolf was found in the woods near Görlitz in eastern Germany. WWF proposes 25,000 euros for the information that leads to the killer.

The German WWF is tired of wolves being killed illegally. The wolf is a strictly protected species in Germany since 1989. Since 2009, eighteen have been slain. Poachers rarely run into trouble.

The punishment for killing a wolf in Germany is imprisonment of up to five years or a fine. Late last year, about 350 wolves lived in the wild in Germany.

11 thoughts on “Help catch wolf poachers, get reward

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