Baby crocodile traffickers caught in China

This video says about itself:

Close encounter with a Siamese Crocodile – Saving Planet Earth: Crocodiles – BBC

28 August 2009

Radio DJ Edith Bowman has a close encounter with a young crocodile rescued from an illegal poacher in Cambodia.

Translated from Dutch news site

July 31, 2016 13:27

Police in southern China has seized 399 baby Siamese crocodiles. It is an endangered species, state news agency Xinhua reported this Sunday.

The approximately 25 centimeters long crocodiles were about fifteen days old …

Police in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said they saw three nervous-looking men who moved goods to the front of the house where the crocodiles were found.

Agents approached the men for questioning. A man was arrested while two others escaped.


Siamese crocodile skin is used for handbags and other luxury leather goods. In China, the reptiles may only be bred with a permit. Trade in crocodiles is illegal.

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