Honduras news update

This video says about itself:

29 July 2016

On Tuesday night, former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya announced over Twitter that an agreement had been made with opposition forces to call for a referendum and ask the people if they want reelection to be allowed in Honduras. This could complicate things for current president Juan Orlando Hernandez and block Zelaya´s intentions to run again. The request was presented to congress by a lawmaker in the opposition Libre Party. Our correspondent Gerardo Torres with the latest.

This video says about itself:

29 July 2016

The Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, is used to demonstrations. In the seven years since the 2009 coup d’état, protests and the reasons for them have increased as the conservative political class has sped up an extractive neoliberal model hand in hand with a push toward militarization. Our Correspondent Gerardo Torres has the story.

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