Refugees are ‘poison’, Hungary’s Orban says

This video says about itself:

28 August 2015

Hungary’s barbed-wire fence still proves no barrier for migrants

Screaming in agony, a young migrant girl gets her hair tangled in barbed wire as her family scramble through mud seeking a better life in Europe.

Barely old enough to understand what is happening to her, the girl was forced to crawl under a razor-sharp fence to get across the border into Hungary.

But as she wriggles through the dirt, her hair becomes caught and she lets out a cry of pain.

A woman, believed to be her mother, who is carrying a baby in one arm, uses her other hand to untangle her and the family rush to safety.

Again, unfortunately not that surprising news about the ‘Erdogan of Budapest’.

Viktor Orbán and Recep Tayyip Erdogan are the best of friends: here.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Hungarian prime minister calls migrants entering Europe a ‘poison’

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has described the influx of refugees and other migrants into Europe as a “poison” that his country “won’t swallow”. …

A House of Lords report published on Tuesday concluded Britain was failing to take in its fair share of unaccompanied child refugees. ..

Hungary will hold a referendum on 2 October on its participation in the EU migration relocation scheme.

Last year hundreds of thousands of migrants travelled through Hungary and Austria to try and reach other European nations.

But Mr Orban’s government curbed the flow by erecting razor wire and fences along Hungary’s southern borders.

Budapest, the country’s capital, introduced further anti-migrant laws this month, including a return of the controversial “no-man’s land” on the Hungarian-Serbian border, where the land is not recognised as either country’s territory. Hundreds of refugees and migrants are stuck in camps there.

The comments come after Mr Orban said the tough foreign policy of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was “good for Europe and vital for Hungary”.

Students and staff at the Central European University (CEU) in Hungary are protesting against what they say are government plans to close it down. The university says new legislation proposed by the right-wing Fidesz government on Tuesday night makes it impossible for it to function. The CEU’s founder, philanthropist George Soros, has a strained relationship with the PM Viktor Orban: here.

Jewish Group Asks Hungarian PM to Halt anti-Soros Campaign. The Hungarian government last week launched a billboard and television ad campaign seeking to discredit George Soros’ pro-migration views: here.

A Hungarian university blasted the government after Prime Minister Viktor Orban signed a decree that prohibits gender studies courses because it’s “an ideology.”

The meeting last week between Burmese government leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a devastating indictment of the media propagandists for “human rights” imperialism who promoted Suu Kyi as “an icon of democracy”: here.

74 thoughts on “Refugees are ‘poison’, Hungary’s Orban says

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  6. Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:
    We should hate the sin, not the sinner. The sin, the poison is the teaching of Islam for they are pure evil. These people are still human beings and should be treated with kindness when ever possible, and then shipped back to any Islamic country that will have them, if any. If not then ship them back where they came from and make them, force them, to fix the problems in their own country in stead of running away from the issues that are destroying their own countries. If your country does not do this, they will destroy your country from the inside just exactly as they have done for 1,400 years and they will continue to do as long as there is anyone who believes in that very demonic faith system.


    • The refugees from the ‘regime change’ wars by the USA and other NATO countries and their allies in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen etc. are not by any means all Muslims. There are also many Christians, Druze, Yazidis, atheists etc. among them.

      Whether one reads the Koran or the Bible (I have both) one can always find both peaceful and violent parts.

      If there would be gunfire and bombs all around you, your family would be killed and you would have to flee to another country, what would you think if that other country’s government would stop you and return you to your war zone, with as pretext that in the Bible there are sentences saying that LGBTQ people should get the death penalty; or that death by stoning is a legal punishment?


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