Clinton chooses Vice Presidential candidate Kaine, helping Trump?

This 7 August 2015 video from the USA says about itself:

Look Back at Trump’s Lavish Wedding with Clintons

Last night at the Republican debate, Donald Trump was challenged for donating $100,000 dollars to The Clinton Foundation. He said: “Hillary Clinton, I said, ‘Be at my wedding’, and she came to my wedding. She had no choice because I gave to her foundation.”

Another video from the USA used to say about itself:

Hillary Clinton Attended Donald Trump‘s Wedding

6 November 2015

Hillary talks about attending Donald Trump’s wedding and shares her thoughts on his policies.

There are two wings in the United States Democratic party.

The left wing are often called ‘yellow dogs’, as they supposedly would even vote for a Democratic candidate if that candidate would be a yellow dog.

The right wing are called ‘blue dogs’. They tend to sometimes vote Republican if they think a Democratic candidate is too left-wing. They are less numerous than the yellow dogs, but powerful because of links to Wall Street and the military-industrial complex; eg, Hillary Clinton.

A Donald Trump presidency would be a disaster for the USA and the world.

What could the Democratic party do to prevent that?

The best choice, according to polls, would be to have Bernie Sanders as its presidential candidate, who would beat Trump by a landslide. Millions of voters of the ‘yellow dog’ kind of Democrat, and millions of independent voters, would enthusiastically vote for Sanders, defeating Trump massively.

The second best choice would be Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate, with a representative of the left wing, like Senator Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren, as vice presidential candidate. Millions of voters of the ‘yellow dog’ kind of Democrat, and millions of independent voters, would vote for that Democratic ticket, not as enthusiastically as for Sanders for president, but still defeating Trump.

However, today Hillary Clinton decided for the third-rate option, choosing blue dog Democrat Senator Tim Kaine as her candidate for vice president. After Ms Clinton’s wedding gift to Donald Trump, quite possibly she has again done Mr Trump a favour with this. Millions of left wing Democratic voters and millions of independent voters may now either vote extremely unenthusiastically for the ‘lesser evil’ Clinton-Kane ticket to stop the ‘bigger evil’ Trump. Or some of them might stay home. Or some might vote for Ms Jill Stein of the Green party, or for other presidential candidates.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate once said that cheating politicians — including Bill Clinton — should resign. (Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast)

Just 9 percent of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the primary elections.

From the Washington Post in the USA today:

Kaine’s VP pick greeted by blowback from progressive groups

By John Wagner July 22 at 11:42 PM

RICHMOND — Even before Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (D-Va.) was unveiled Friday as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, liberal groups were teed up to criticize the pick.

Kaine’s boosters say that Kaine, a former Virginia governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, is far more progressive than many of his critics realize.

But several organizations, including some with ties to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the runner-up in the Democratic primaries, sharply questioned Kaine’s liberal bona fides, pointing to Kaine’s support of trade deals and regulations favorable to big banks.

Stephanie Taylor, the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, worried that Kaine’s support of a pending trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership could allow Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to “outflank” Clinton on trade. …

“It’s now more important than ever that Hillary Clinton run an aggressive campaign on core economic ideas like expanding Social Security, debt-free college, Wall Street reform, and yes, stopping the TPP,” Taylor said. “It’s the best way to unite the Democratic Party and stop Republicans from winning over swing voters on bread-and-butter issues.”

On Thursday, as speculation was mounting that Kaine would be Clinton’s choice, Charles Chamberlain, executive director of the activist network Democracy for America, which backed Sanders in the primaries, said that it should be “disqualifying” for any potential Democratic vice-presidential nominee to “help banks dodge consumer protection standards.”

That was based in part on a bipartisan letter that Kaine signed on Monday urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to “carefully tailor its rulemaking” regarding community banks and credit unions so as not to “unduly burden” these institutions with regulations aimed at commercial banks.

On Friday, Norman Solomon, the coordinator of a group billing itself as the Bernie Delegates Network, called Kaine “a loyal servant of oligarchy.”

“If Clinton has reached out to Bernie supporters, it appears that she has done so to stick triangulating thumbs in their eyes,” said Solomon, whose organization claims to represent hundreds of Sanders delegates attending the convention in Philadelphia but is not coordinating with the campaign.

The group has threatened to protest during the Democratic convention with Kaine on the ticket.

Winnie Wong, an Occupy Wall Street veteran who founded the group People for Bernie, was also underwhelmed with Kaine’s pick, calling it “unsurprising and predictable.”

“It shows a woeful disregard to the progressives who fought so hard this year to create conditions for transformational change this country desperately needs,” Wong said. “Team Clinton did the math on this horse race and they are betting on Tim Kaine to court those white male moderate/Indy voters who won’t vote for her. I doubt they can be moved.” …

Greenpeace, however, took issue with some of Kaine’s positions on issues related to climate change, with Annie Leonard, the group’s executive director saying “he still has a long way to go” to prove he’s a “progressive force.”

The group praised Kaine’s early opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline but questioned his stands on fracking and support for natural gas exports.

WikiLeaks releases thousands of documents about Clinton and internal deliberations: here.

WikiLeaks: Democratic Party officials appear to discuss using Sanders’s faith against him: here.

30 thoughts on “Clinton chooses Vice Presidential candidate Kaine, helping Trump?

  1. Thanks to a massive leak of internal Democratic Party e-mails, we now can all see how the Democratic Party devotes enormous effort to sandbagging, crippling, undercutting and subverting progressive candidates.

    The leak comes from the hacker Guccifer 2.0, by way of Wikileaks. Twenty thousand e-mails were hacked and posted. What do they show? Well, as CNN put it earlier today, Democratic National Committee “employees plotted, in many ways, to undercut and undermine Senator Sanders during the [Presidential] primary.”

    Whatever happened to the principle of “may the best candidate win?” What gives party bosses the right to determine who our candidates are? And why is it always the progressive candidates who get screwed? If you’re fed up with this, then please contribute $3 to our “It’s Our Choice, Not Theirs” Fund >>

    Here are a few examples, from the leaked e-mails.

    The DNC’s Chief Financial Officer tried to press Bernie Sanders on his religious beliefs before the Kentucky and West Virginia primaries, in the hope that Sanders would come across as an atheist, and that that would hurt him in Southern and border states.

    The DNC’s Deputy Communications Director suggested to his boss that they try to depict the Sanders Campaign as a “mess.”

    Other top-level e-mails call the Sanders campaign manager a “damn liar” and an “ass.”

    Today’s USA Today article says that “the DNC is supposed to beat up on Republicans, but it is not supposed to take sides for any specific candidate in the primaries.” Apparently, Sen. Harry Reid missed that memo – he came out with a news release flatly stating that he wants me to lose. It’s obvious now that the un-Democratic Party has spent the past year sabotaging the Bernie Sanders campaign – and mine.

    Well, sorry, Harry, but that’s not your decision to make. That’s not the decision of the DNC to make. We will win or lose this race depending not on Harry Reid, or the DNC, but on people like you.

    Had enough?? Then show your support. Every dollar counts, because every person counts. Please, please, give whatever you can to our “It’s Our Choice, Not Theirs” Fund, right here and right now >>

    We can win this, and tell the party dictators to stuff it. But only – only! – if you help.


    Rep. Alan Grayson


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