British Blairite anti-Corbyn plotters fighting each other

This video from London, England is called Jeremy Corbyn – End Austerity Now – June 20th 2015.

By Luke James in Britain:

Rival plotters go to war with each other

Monday 18th July 2016

Labour right turns knives inwards over who’s best for coup

JEREMY CORBYN’S chances of remaining leader of the Labour Party were boosted yesterday as his two rivals went to war live on TV.

Owen Smith and Angela Eagle squabbled over who should stand against Mr Corbyn in an extraordinary head-to-head on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Mr Smith, who is said to have the support of 90 MPs, said: “My view is whoever commands the greatest degree of support within the Parliamentary Labour Party is the unity candidate and that is the person who should go forward and take Jeremy on.”

But Ms Eagle, whose team believe Mr Smith is attempting to bully her out of the race, shot back: “I think we have to have the person who is most likely to beat Jeremy Corbyn and I think that’s me.”

The pair will clash again today at a hustings for Labour MPs and Lords in Westminster, which Mr Corbyn will also take part in.

The deadline for MPs to formally nominate a candidate is Wednesday and Ms Eagle will come under renewed pressure to drop out if she trails Mr Smith.

Mr Smith officially launched his campaign in his Pontypridd constituency yesterday by promising to re-write clause four of the party’s constitution, which Tony Blair infamously gutted of socialist content.

He said the party needs to “put tackling inequality right at the heart of everything that we do” and claimed to offer a “radical and credible” alternative to Mr Corbyn.

But his left-wing credentials are thrown into question by his support for the Iraq war and NHS private finance initiatives before entering Parliament.

One Labour MP told the Star: “His only hope is trying to dupe unions and members into believing he represents the anti-austerity, socialist and trade union-orientated politics of Jeremy Corbyn.

“He has form when it comes to spin — he is now saying he was against the Iraq war but is actually on the record as having likened it to the Spanish civil war.

“A former special adviser and Westminster insider, politically he’s more Hilary Benn than Tony Benn.”

Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards described Mr Smith as “fork-tongued,” branding him: “An expert in judging his audience — a former CND member one day, and a man who is prepared to annihilate millions of people with a nuclear weapon the next.”

Mr Smith confirmed that he would return to the shadow cabinet if Mr Corbyn won in order to avoid a split in the party.

150 LABOUR MPs are plotting to form a breakaway party codenamed ‘Continuity Labour’ when Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership battle. Pontypridd Labour MP Stephen Kinnock is tipped to head it. The Mail on Sunday said it understands a group of leading anti-Corbyn MPs are poised to make approaches to Labour’s top 50 donors to fund the new party if the Labour leader fends off challenges from MPs Angela Eagle and Owen Smith: here.

JEREMY CORBYN is seeking to overturn a decision to stop new Labour members voting in the party’s leadership election, branding it “simply not fair.” More than 130,000 people have joined the party in the last six months, but they will not be able to vote in the leadership contest unless they pay another £25 to become a registered supporter. Labour’s national executive voted last week to exclude any member who had joined the party or affiliated trade unions after January 12, which was a boost to Mr Corbyn’s rivals who have less support among the party’s grassroots: here.

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