Nice atrocity perpetrator ‘not religious, marriage on the rocks’

This video says about itself:

Nice Truck Attack Investigation Begins

15 July 2016

Investigations have begun into the incident that left 84 people dead including ten children.

Dutch NOS TV reports today about Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the local truck driver who extremely probably was the perpetrator of the bloodbath in Nice, France and was shot dead by police. He was married and had three children.

Translation of what Mr Bouhlel’s next door neighbour said to France 3 TV station:

he is convinced that the attack has nothing to do with Islam. “He has nothing to do with religion, he does not pray, he does not observe Ramadan. He is a depressed man who is in divorce. He lives alone and has financial problems.”

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, Driver In Nice Attack, Wasn’t ‘Stable Psychologically,’ Family Says. The 31-year-old reportedly had no known ties to terror groups: here.

Also from NOS TV today (translated):

Nice perpetrator had no ties to terrorist groups, justice department thinks …

According to the justice department, it does not appear that the attack was the work of an Islamic terrorist organization. The French Prime Minister Valls said in the news of public broadcaster France 2 that Lahouaiej probably had links to radical Islamic groups.

So, Prime Minister Valls does not listen to the investigators of his own justice department. He does not listen to the next door neighbour of the perpetrator. Because that would not fit into Valls’ policies of Islamophobia (and discrimination against Roma), anti-democratic state of emergency against workers, environmentalists, etc.

[French President] Hollande’s promise to respond militarily to the Nice attack just continues the West’s vicious circle of terror and war. At some point, we in the West are going to have to learn that if we intervene militarily in Mali or Iraq or Libya or Syria or interfere in Turkey, or Egypt, or the Gulf, or the Maghreb – then we will not be safe ‘at home’: here.

USA: Newt Gingrich: Politician who almost became Donald Trump’s VP calls for Muslim deportation after Nice attack: here.

Nice attack: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree that US is ‘at war’. Both presidential candidates offered their different approaches to the war against Isis – who has not claimed responsibility for Nice: here.

A Mosque In Rhode Island Was Vandalized After The Nice Attacks: here.

Nice attack: Sikh man Veerender Jubbal wrongly identified on social media in France terror for second time: here.

9 thoughts on “Nice atrocity perpetrator ‘not religious, marriage on the rocks’

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  2. France has suffered more than other European states at the hands of Isis, but its torment is infinitesimal in comparison with that inflicted by Isis on the civilian populations of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and elsewhere.

    Over 250 people were killed last week in a massive lorry bomb in Baghdad. News programmes included brief film coverage and expressions of horror, but that was it.

    Iraqi flags were not flown at half-mast. Public buildings did not have the Iraqi national colours projected upon them and politics as normal wasn’t interrupted.

    Most people showing solidarity with France would not accept that Arab or African lives are less important than those of Europeans, but there has been nevertheless a different response to terrorist atrocities depending on where they’re carried out.

    French President Francois Hollande reacted in normal imperialist fashion to Nice, promising more bombing.

    He extended the current state of emergency despite its failure to prevent this tragedy, pledged to “strike and destroy those who attacked us here” and deployed an aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean.

    Hollande has said that last November’s murderous attacks in Paris “were decided” in Raqqa and Mosul as though this could justify the destruction of those cities.

    Isis will not be defeated by aerial bombing or drone attacks alone.

    Its military setbacks have resulted from co-ordinated air support for effective formations of the Iraqi armed forces, Kurdish militias and Syria’s army and supportive regional volunteer units.

    Defeat for Isis has been delayed by the Western obsession with overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad.

    This issue is not whether Assad — or for that matter Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gadaffi — is good or bad but whether global Nato powers have the right to overthrow “dictators” while preserving in power a motley crew of feudal despots it views as agents for stability.

    Isis and other jihadi groups did not grow out of a vacuum but in response to a long history of outside intervention and corrupt domestic rulers’ complicity with imperialism.

    Each intervention brings mass civilian casualties — “collateral damage,” in the sickening terminology of the invaders.

    Western nations’ indifference to the fate of their armed forces’ victims does not go unremarked upon by Arabs and/or Muslims any more than their decades-long collusion with Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian land and regular massacres of men, women and children does.

    But anger at such injustices does not translate, for the overwhelming majority of Arabs and Muslims, into support for the nihilist pseudo-revenge of Isis.

    Civilians should never be military targets, whether as a means of terrorising people or through nonchalance towards the consequences of unrestrained martial might.

    Understandable rage against the perpetrators and sympathy for the victims of atrocities must not translate into action that worsens the situation.

    Yes, Isis must be eradicated — by the people who face its violence on a daily basis — but this death cult cannot justify further military domination and bloodshed by Nato powers in the Middle East and Africa.


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