Chilean poet Pablo Neruda remembered

This video says about itself:

13 July 2016

Celebrating the life of Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, who was born 112 years ago. While still remembered all over the world for his Nobel Prize-winning poetry, Neruda also held strong political convictions that may have even led to his death.

Directed by Pablo Larraín; written by Guillermo Calderón Pablo Larraín’s Neruda is a highly unconventional and dissatisfying biopic of the Chilean poet (1904-73). The film focuses in particular on the year 1948, when the beginning of the Cold War led to a sharp change in Chile’s political situation and a climate of increasing repression. Neruda, at the time already a significant artistic and political figure, went into hiding for an extended period and ultimately was able to escape the country: here.

CHILE: Pablo Neruda’s nephew blames money owed by Chile to laboratories abroad for blocking final tests to determine the cause of death of the Nobel Prize-winning poet. Rodolfo Reyes said the government owed about $16,000 (£12,000), mainly to laboratories in Canada and Denmark. The leading communist died after Chile’s 1973 fascist military coup and the post-coup government claimed in 2015 that it was “highly probable that a third party” was responsible for his death: here.

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