British Blairites threaten left Labourists with violence

This 9 July 2016 video from Britain is called THIS IS WHY JEREMY CORBYN WILL DEFEAT THE BLAIRITES.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Labour right thugs threaten own side

Monday 11th July 2016

‘Get the fuck out of Brighton, right now’ activists warned

TWO left-Labour activists were told to “get the fuck out of Brighton now, scum,” by members of their own party, according to reports this weekend.

The London-based activists, who were on the south coast for a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday night, said they had faced “physical threats,” swearing and aggression from people purporting to be Labour members in a Brighton pub.

The verbal dust-up followed an extraordinary letter from the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove Council warning of a “takeover” of the local Labour Party by left activists.

Tottenham Constituency Labour Party secretary Seema Chandwani said two men had approached her and Michael Calderbank, who works as a trade union researcher in Parliament, at a pub where they were eating dinner after the packed rally.

She said: “One shouted: ‘Do you both work for fucking McDonnell?’

“They were right in our face, aggressively shouting: ‘Where the fuck are you from, why are you fucking here?’ — to which point we told them to ‘fuck off, we can go where we like.’

“They then started to threaten us with physical violence, now both right in the face of my comrade.

“He just told them to get out of his face but they continued shouting and threatening us.

“Security came over and had to throw them out … we weren’t scared, we didn’t even get up from our seats, we were just shocked these people were from the Labour Party.”

At the Brighton Labour Party’s annual general meeting on Saturday night, which took place after the rally in support of Mr Corbyn, candidates backed by left group Momentum swept the board after an astonishing 700 people turned up.

In a leaked email, Labour city council leader Warren Morgan had urged a group of members to attend the meeting to vote for candidates on the right wing of the party.

“Next Saturday our city Labour Party faces a takeover from a group of individuals from Momentum, Tusc, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and other fringe left-wing groups, including people who have repeatedly run against Labour candidates,” he said.

He said a left-led city party would undermine the work of Labour councillors and could lead to “deselections.”

“This party has faced down Militant before,” he said, referring to a Trotskyite group expelled from Labour in the late 1980s as part of an anti-left purge enthusiastically supported by then-leader Neil Kinnock.

All of the candidates Mr Morgan had recommended were defeated by Momentum-backed opponents however.

Mr Morgan did not respond to a request for comment from the Star.

Jeremy Corbyn is clearly more electable than pro-war deputy-leadership-losing Angela Eagle, writes CHARLEY ALLAN: here.

The disgraceful antics of warmongers Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and David Blunkett will only stiffen the resolve of our people to protect Corbyn, believes DAVE HOPPER: here.

A victory for the Labour right would take the party straight back to the neocon agenda of Blair and his acolytes, writes ANDREW MURRAY: here.

THE message pushed by the Labour Party coup-plotters through a pliant media has been relentless: Jeremy Corbyn’s half-hearted performance in the European Union referendum, likely because of his dislike of the EU, played a key role in the vote for Brexit: here.

10 thoughts on “British Blairites threaten left Labourists with violence

  1. Saturday 9th July 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    AN ARCH-CRITIC of Jeremy Corbyn has been slapped down by his own members — who overwhelmingly voted to support the Labour leader.

    MP Alan Johnson turned on Mr Corbyn after the Brexit vote, attacking his ability to lead the party and claiming his office “undermined” Labour’s campaign for a Remain vote.

    But at a meeting of his Hull West and Hessle constituency party, which Mr Johnson snubbed, local members voted 48-7 to “condemn the actions of those who are seeking to divide the party and overturn the leader’s democratic mandate.”

    The resolution, submitted by the local Unison branch, said MPs lining up to attack Mr Corbyn “would not have been elected without the efforts of ordinary members.”

    Members in Houghton and Sunderland South, whose MP Bridget Phillipson was disinvited from today’s Durham Miners’ Gala after she called for Mr Corbyn to resign, have also voted to support the leadership.


  2. Friday 8th July 2016

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    But says he may have ‘been completely wrong’ over invasion’s aftermath

    DELUDED war criminal Tony Blair continued yesterday with his non-mea culpa over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, despite the Chilcot Inquiry’s damning findings.

    The inquiry — which published its long-awaited verdict on Wednesday — found that the invasion was unnecessary, unjustified, based on flawed intelligence and that the legal justification put forward by the British government was highly dubious.

    The former prime minister came in for particularly strong criticism in the report, with the inquiry finding that he had deliberately exaggerated the risk posed by Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    It also found that he opted to join the invasion before all peaceful options had been exhausted and that Mr Blair had ignored warnings over what would occur in the aftermath of the invasion.

    Speaking yesterday, Blair expressed “regret” that he did not challenge intelligence about Saddam’s supposed weapons of mass destruction but insisted he still believed he was right to overthrow the Iraqi dictator and that the world was a better place as a result.

    “I can regret the mistakes and I can regret many things about it but I genuinely believe, not just that we acted out of good motives, and I did what I did out of good faith, but I sincerely believe that we would be in a worse position if we hadn’t acted that way. I may be completely wrong about that,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

    The former prime minister, who ignored the will of millions of British people to wage the disastrous war, then made the jaw-dropping claim that: “I understand that people still disagree but at least do me the respect — as I respect your position — of reading my argument.”

    He went on to suggest that despite the “terrible consequences” of the invasion — which, as he had been warned, saw Iraq plunged into a bloody sectarian civil war — the British-US military intervention had not been in vain.

    Shadow Commons leader Paul Flynn, a vocal opponent of the war, said that widespread calls for Mr Blair’s prosecution for war crimes in the wake of the inquiry’s findings should be given “serious consideration.”

    While Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott said that Mr Blair’s reputation had “bled to death in the sands of Iraq.”


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