British dead soldiers’ families boycott Iraq war report

This video from Britain says about itself:

Families of dead service personnel demand answers over phone hacking claims

8 July 2011

The families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan may have had their phones hacked by News of the World investigators, it’s been claimed. MPH Solicitors – whose clients include Samantha Roberts, widow of Sgt Steven Roberts, the first British soldier killed in combat in Iraq in 2003 – called for clarity from authorities over the claims.

Solicitor Geraldine McCool said the firm had been contacted by press on Wednesday over the allegations surrounding high-profile military inquests in 2006 and 2007. …

And a lawyer for Rose Gentle, whose son Fusilier Gordon Gentle was killed in Iraq in 2004, said he had contacted police to find out if the phones of Ms Gentle and other families were targeted. Steven Heffer, of Collyer Bristow Solicitors, said: “It is imperative that the families get to the bottom of this issue very quickly as any delay only adds to their grief and suffering. I am hoping the police will deal with their requests for information quickly and sympathetically.” …

Yesterday it was announced the paper would be shut down, with its last edition to be published on Sunday. Today David Cameron‘s former Communications chief, and former News of the World editor, Andy Coulson, is reported to be facing arrest as part of the investigation into the hacking. Mr Coulson was recruited by the Prime Minister after resigning as editor of the paper four years ago when one of its journalists and a private investigator were jailed for accessing voice-messages.

By Zoe Streatfield in Britain:

‘Whitewash’ Iraq report faces boycott by families

Tuesday 5th July 2016

FAMILIES of soldiers killed in Iraq will boycott the launch of the Chilcot report tomorrow, fearing a “whitewash” following claims that it never looked into the legality of the war.

Sir John Chilcot will tomorrow unveil his report into Britain’s part in the Iraq war — seven years after the public inquiry was announced by then-prime minister Gordon Brown.

The International Criminal Court has already indicated that Tony Blair, who took the country to war, will not face prosecution as the decision to go to war in Iraq “falls outside the court’s jurisdiction.”

Julia Nicholson, whose son Gary died when his plane was shot down in 2005, said she was “absolutely disgusted,” adding: “I’m not going because it will be a whitewash.”

She accused Tony Blair of having “blood on his hands” and warned “he will have covered his back and [then US president George W] Bush’s back.”

And Janice Procter, whose 18-year-old son Michael Trench was one of the youngest Britons to be killed in the conflict, said that Mr Blair had “put 179 kids to the slaughter. There’s no justice.”

Ms Procter said she would not attend the launch as the report would not bring her any comfort or closure.

Roger Bacon, whose son Matthew was killed in 2005, said he expected the report to reveal “what I’ve always believed, which is that [Mr Blair] took us to war illegally.

“If it’s a whitewash I will be hugely disappointed, no question of that.”

And David Godfrey, whose grandson Daniel Coffey was killed in 2007, branded Mr Blair a “war criminal” and said “he has to be held responsible.”

Lord Butler, who carried out the 2004 review of the intelligence on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD), said the legality of the war “wasn’t actually put to [Mr Chilcot] and, of course, his review team wasn’t equipped properly to deal with that legal issue.”

However, a number of MPs are expected to try to impeach Mr Blair, and at the weekend shadow chancellor John McDonnell refused to rule out trying Mr Blair for war crimes.

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