Sharks and their teeth

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13 March 2015

In this informative Shark Academy episode, Jonathan Bird explores the different kinds of teeth that sharks have and what they are used for.

From eNatureBlog in the USA:

How Many Teeth Are In A Shark‘s Mouth?

Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 by eNature

Sharks have been in the news the past week, with a number of attacks on bathers in the waters worldwide. And the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week was this week as well.

Whenever sharks are in the news, we tend to get lots of questions about them, especially their teeth.. It seems folks are fascinated by shark’s teeth—something for which there is no shortage in a shark’s mouth!

A Never-ending Supply

Wouldn’t it be nice if our teeth replaced themselves whenever we needed a fresh set? No more drills. No more crowns. No more denture adhesives. That’s what happens to sharks.

In fact, some sharks replace their teeth every few weeks.

So the answer to the question how how many teeth does a shark have is pretty easy… as many as they need!

A Mouthful Of Teeth!

While the number of teeth in a shark’s mouth generally ranges about 20-30, depending on the species, many shark species continue to generate teeth throughout their lives. So the[y] never run out…

The teeth inside a shark’s mouth are arranged in rows, like seats in a theater. While the outermost teeth do the work of grabbing, cutting, or crushing prey—their function varies from species to species—the inner rows of teeth mature. Then, when the shark sheds the worn outer teeth, the next row takes their place.

It’s a process that continues throughout the shark’s life, with teeth being replaced more frequently the more actively the shark feeds.

Ever encounter a shark’s teeth up close? If so, you’re in a very small minority. Despite all the attention they have received in the news the past few weeks, shark attacks on humans are actually quite rare. They’re generally no more eager to meet us than we are to meet them

Even so, it never pays to tempt fate! So pay attention to warnings when you’re swimming in areas know to be frequented by sharks.

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