British Conservative leadership chaos

Michael Gove cartoon

This is a Michael Gove cartoon, by Gary Barker from Britain.

Theresa May under fire for threatening to deport EU migrants after Brexit: here.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Tweedle Dumb, Dee, Don’t? What does it matter, they’re all a bunch of malicious blowhards

Friday 1st July 2016

YESTERDAY it became more and more apparent that the fight for the position of new Tory leader was beginning to resemble a bastard hybrid between the Game of Thrones and Blackadder after Theresa May, and at the 11th hour, Michael Gove all tossed their hats into the ring.

In typically bumbling fashion, having telegraphed his intention to stand, Johnson then announced he would not be standing after all, making one wonder exactly what the last few years of his existence have in fact been about.

Maybe Thucydides had nothing pithy to say about massive malfeasance and blatantly bigoted campaigning …Still technically in the running however is IDS’s God-bothering replacement as Work and Pensions Secretary — Stephen Crabb, a non-entity lickspittle with views somewhat to the right of Torquemada when it comes to gay rights and same-sex marriage.

Another intriguing candidacy for the poison chalice of Tory head honcho came from Liam Fox, a one-time party big beast who became a spectacular laughing stock and pariah due to his bizarre personal and professional decisions involving financial irregularities and cronyism.

And here was me thinking they wanted a change from Cameron. The former defence secretary effectively pressed the eject button on his career five years ago, being forced to resign from the front benches in disgrace in 2011 after allowing his friend Adam Werritty to attend meetings at the MoD without the necessary security clearance and join him for meetings with foreign dignitaries.

I bet that kind of track record will go down well during those troublesome Brexit negotiations with EU member states. “Ah, Frau Merkel! Have you met my pal Adam?”

Turning to the other runners and riders, May infamously got caught out lying over the relative legal aspects of feline husbandry and got her days of the week mixed up while trying to deport Abu Qatada.

Gove, meanwhile, almost single-handedly dragged the cause of national education back to the Victorian era with the reintroduction of learning by rote and doling out Bibles as standard texts as well as wanting to buy the Queen a Jubilee Yacht from taxpayers’ money in the midst of the worst recession in living memory.

The last time such a grotesquery of malicious malcontents and back-stabbing blowhards was vying for primacy it was the Miss Island of Doctor Moreau beauty pageant. And the same dubious ethical standards would seem to apply.

Theresa May doesn’t have the ‘moral authority’ to lead the country, says Michael Gove: here.

10 thoughts on “British Conservative leadership chaos

  1. Hi Joseph, thanks for commenting!

    I did not say this, Paddy McGuffin said this; and I thought it interesting enough to quote, adding hyperlinks etc in this blog post.

    Gove: a candidate who does not intend to win? Possible, as he has said about himself he is unfit to be Prime Minister:

    However, Boris Johnson at first seemed like saying he was fit to be PM; then, he suddenly said he was unfit. Possibly, Gove had a ‘genuine’ change of view in the reverse direction.


  2. Saturday 2nd July 2016

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    King Rat Tory told to back off leadership bid

    THE Tory leadership contest descended from farce to pantomime yesterday after senior party figures cast Justice Secretary Michael Gove in the role of King Rat.

    Gove, who yesterday stabbed long-term ally Boris Johnson in the back while announcing his own candidacy for the leadership, faced calls to pull out of the race — a move which many feel would leave the field wide open for Home Secretary Theresa May.

    The Justice Secretary faced furious, and frequently Shakespearian, accusations of treachery from Mr Johnson’s allies after his hatchet job on his former colleague in which he claimed that the former London mayor was incapable of providing the leadership the country needed.

    Veteran party big beast Ken Clarke led the calls, urging Mr Gove to withdraw from the contest.

    With a potential financial crisis looming, he said, it was essential for the country to restore stable leadership as quickly as possible.

    “I do think Michael Gove would do us all a favour if he were to stand down now and speed up the process,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

    “One of the first priorities for a leader of a party and, certainly for a prime minister, is that you should have the trust so far as possible of your colleagues.

    “It is not encouraging that he stood alongside Boris throughout the campaign as his right-hand man.

    “He was publicly declared to be his manager. We don’t want to add to tragedy too much of an air of farce and for him to emerge now as a prime minister, saying ‘I’m now going to reunite the party, I now have a clear vision of what I am going to do’ is I think unlikely.”

    This was a thinly veiled reference to the fact that, post referendum, Johnson, Gove et al seemed unable to suggest any coherent strategy and reneged on many of their promises, yet Mr Gove now seems to claim that he has all the answers, implying further duplicity on the part of the Justice Secretary.

    The onslaught came as Mr Gove prepared to formally launch his leadership bid with a speech at Westminster setting out his plans for the premiership.

    One of his leading supporters, Justice Minister Dominic Raab, hit back at Mr Clarke, a long-time Remain supporter, accusing him of trying “to knock out the strongest Brexit candidate” in the leadership race.

    With Johnson’s withdrawal from the contest uber-rightwinger Home Secretary Theresa May, who avoided playing an active role in the referendum debate, is seen as the clear frontrunner.

    She continued to attract more backing yesterday with declarations of support from Cabinet colleagues Michael Fallon and Patrick McLoughlin.

    The focus now appears to be on the battle for second place, which will decide which of the four other candidates goes forward with her into the final ballot of grassroots party members.


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