Blairite anti-Corbyn putschists unwelcome at Durham Miners’ Gala

This video from England is called Jeremy Corbyn Speech At The Durham Miners Gala 11/7/2015.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Labour ‘traitors’ not welcome at Durham Miner’s Gala

Friday 1st July 2016

LABOUR “traitors” who backed a vote of no confidence in party leader Jeremy Corbyn are no longer welcome at the Durham Miners’ Gala.

Durham Miners’ Association general secretary Dave Hopper, who organises the annual event, told the Northern Echo he would be sending letters to the “traitorous” MPs cancelling their invitation.

He said: “We don’t want people who oppose him and who are trying to get shot of him after he won such a resounding democratic victory … Surely they don’t want to share a platform with him.

“He is a major speaker. He is our guest and I would imagine they shouldn’t need a letter not to turn up.

“I think the situation is deplorable. The traitors who are behind this are as bad as the ones in 1931, when Ramsay McDonald betrayed the Labour Party.

“It is an absolute insult to working people and members of this party.”

Daily The Independent quotes Dave Hopper:

“The membership have some say in the party since we have got rid of (Tony) Blair and his cronies and now they want to take back control of the party and make us jump and dance to their tune. It is an absolute insult to working people and members of this party.” …

An estimated 150,000 attended the 2015 gala, which celebrates the area’s mining heritage and trade union links. [It] was established in 1871.

The Peter Lazenby article continues:

The Durham Miners’ Gala, which celebrates the areas mining and trade union heritage, will be held on Saturday July 9.

Leeds Trades Union Council (TUC) met on Wednesday night and accused MPs of trying “to undermine the unassailable mandate given to Jeremy Corbyn by members and supporters of the Labour Party, in the leadership election nine months ago.”

A carried motion stated Leeds TUC is “alarmed and disgusted” by the attempt to force Mr Corbyn to resign and “fully supports” his determination not to stand down.

In Manchester, the Momentum group and Manchester Trade Union Council called on Labour MPs to “to respect party democracy and unite behind Jeremy Corbyn at this urgent time.”

Manchester Momentum is rallying in Piccadilly Gardens at from 6pm today in support of Mr Corbyn.

The Morning Star is looking for people to hand out papers at the Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday July 9 from 8.30am-1pm. If you can help hand out papers, you can pick them up from the entrance to the County Hotel, Old Elvet, Durham, or from the Morning Star stall, Riverside 1 at the Racecourse Ground. To confirm attendance, and for further information, please phone Martin at 07799 040-570 or Margaret at 07881 794-028, or email

Unlike the Blairites, Corbyn and McDonnell have a long history of defending trade unionists in struggle. In their hour of need we must decide whose side we are on, says DAVE SMITH: here.

The Labour rightwingers’ bungled coup tells us nothing we didn’t already know, writes CHELLEY RYAN: here.

Union chief says PR company linked to Blair behind Corbyn coup: here.

Angela Eagle’s constituency branch issues statement supporting Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Ms Eagle is considering a challenge to Mr Corbyn’s party leadership: here.

11 thoughts on “Blairite anti-Corbyn putschists unwelcome at Durham Miners’ Gala

  1. Friday 1st
    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    REMAIN supporters deployed an argument in the EU referendum that a Leave vote would inevitably usher in a Boris Johnson-led government intent on igniting a bonfire of human rights.

    The Left Leave (Lexit) counter-argument was that defeat for David Cameron government’s Remain stance would set Tories at each other’s throats.

    Even the Morning Star expected hard-right maverick Johnson to be a front-runner in the Tory leadership stakes, but he has failed to make it to the stalls.

    Our paper predicted correctly that Cameron’s defeat would spark Tory intercine conflict against which even rats in a sack might turn up their noses.

    Tory inner-party chaos should offer prime opportunities to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, which has acquitted itself very well since his election last September.

    Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell promised different politics and stood by it — most decisively by declaring that austerity-lite Labour was henceforth an anti-austerity party.

    They dropped decades-long hostility to public ownership, insisting that Labour would renationalise our railways and enthused hundreds of thousands of mainly younger people to join Labour.

    Corbyn’s Labour took a new approach in Parliament, exploiting Tory divisions to oblige Cameron and George Osborne to retreat on welfare cuts, compulsory schools academisation in England, Saudi prison contracts, an entire Budget and support for steel industry survival.

    Labour has thrived electorally, retaining office in Wales, winning four mayoral contests, increasing its share of the vote in parliamentary by-elections and all but emulating a previous high in English local elections.

    Not a bad scorecard, after just nine months, to use as a launch pad for attacking a Tory Party holed below the waterline.

    But he faces sustained attack from his own side through a campaign of rolling resignations, carping criticism and relentless demands that he chuck in the towel because he cannot win a general election.

    What upsets New Labour most about Corbyn is not his supposed “unelectability.” Precisely the opposite.

    Tony Blair, who is doubtless hoping that a Labour leadership election will divert attention from the Chilcot inquiry report when finally published next Wednesday, made clear his view on Corbyn last time round.

    “I wouldn’t want to win on an old-fashioned leftist platform. Even if I thought it was the route to victory, I wouldn’t take it,” said the blood-soaked highly remunerated apologist for various brutal dictatorships.

    He and his followers see Corbyn as a threat to the political model they created and they are assuredly right.

    Corbyn demonstrates on a daily basis that an alternative to the Westminster elite’s tired consensus of neoliberalism and overseas wars is possible.

    “Unity” candidate Angela Eagle’s reticence to challenge him openly recognises that his resignation is essential to assist her parliamentary colleagues to freeze out any socialist candidate, exemplifying the coup-plotters’ weakness.

    It is as laughable as Owen Smith’s efforts to evade tarnishment as an Iraq war supporter by sole virtue of not having been an MP in 2003, even though he was working for pro-war minister Paul Murphy at the time and kept quiet.

    The co-ordinated anti-Corbyn coup was, as firefighters’ leader Matt Wrack noted yesterday, laid out in detail by the Torygraph three weeks ago.

    What stands in its way is Corbyn’s rejection of demands to do the Establishment’s dirty work for it by resigning.

    The Morning Star is content to again be the only daily paper — alongside most trade unions and the bulk of Labour’s membership — to continue to back him.

    Let the coup-plotters deliver their challenge or accept that times have changed and that they must learn to accept democracy.


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