British Boris Johnson not Prime Minister candidate, Conservatives in chaos

Theresa May's xenophobia, cartoon

This cartoon by Brian Adcock in British daily The Independent is about the xenophobia of Conservative politician Theresa May. She is depicted as the Statue of No Liberty because of her hard-line policy against refugees in Calais camp in France.

Theresa May refuses to rule out deportation of EU nationals living in UK amid fears of ‘influx’ of migrants: here.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Brexit live: Boris Johnson rules out standing as Tory leader after Gove says he will run – latest updates

Michael Gove earlier shocked the Tories by announcing his own leadership campaign

Lizzie Dearden, Adam Withnall

Here are the latest updates:

See also here.

From the Daily Mirror in Britain today:

Conservative MP forced to deny Rupert Murdoch ‘owns the Tory party’ after Boris Johnson withdraws from PM race

12:41, 30 Jun 2016

By Ben Glaze, Sam Webb, Dan Bloom

Michael Gove’s wife yesterday warned the newspaper mogul “instinctively dislikes Boris

A Tory MP has just been forced to deny Rupert Murdoch was behind today’s shock pulling out by Boris Johnson.

It comes after Michael Gove’s wife sent a leaked e-mail yesterday warning the newspaper mogul “instinctively dislikes Boris”.

Rupert Murdoch could cash in on Brexit chaos by buying Sky: here.

Pundits now expect Mr Gove and Ms May to be the main candidates for Conservative party leader. Gove is anti-European Union, May is pro. However, both are xenophobes.

THE Tory leadership nominations ended in farce yesterday as favourite Boris Johnson dropped out, fatally holed after his Brexit campaigner pal Michael “I am not equipped to be prime minister” Gove threw his hat in: here.


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