Supporters protest Big Business takeover of football

Protest against Big Business takeover of FC Groningen football, photo RTV Noord - Nico Swart

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Protest against FC Groningen stadium name change

Today, 11:08

Around Euroborg stadium in Groningen sacks have been placed tonight with euro signs. It’s probably a protest against the change of name of the stadium to Noordlease Stadium.

The bags hang from fences and signs around the stadium, writes RTV Noord. Also on some places the face of general director Hans Nijland of FC Groningen hangs, with euro signs in his eyes. Yesterday around the Euroborg hung banners with slogans like “For sale: people’s club.” …

Friday it was announced that the Euroborg from July 1 on will be called Noordlease Stadium after one of the sponsors. The supporters’ collective fights against “further commercialization of the football world.”

An FC Groningen supporter says (translated):

If you really want to rename the stadium, then name it after a former player. FC Groningen is still a people’s club!

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