Araripe manakin birds in Brazil

This video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA says about itself:

Araripe Manakin, a spectacular tropical bird from Brazil

13 June 2016

The male Araripe Manakin wears an immaculate white coat with a beret-like crimson crest. Discovered in the late 1990s, this spectacular bird lives in a tiny range along an escarpment in northeast Brazil. Only about 800 birds remain; their numbers are threatened by unsustainable water use and accidental fires.

Fortunately, a local conservation group called Aquasis is already at work protecting habitat and seeking water-use solutions. The Cornell Lab is working with Aquasis to produce conservation media that can help local campaigns build pride about the unique animals living on their doorsteps. This video is a sneak peek from a visit we made in late 2015.

6 thoughts on “Araripe manakin birds in Brazil

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