French workers stop European football cup

This 2012 video is called Trophies of the World: The Henri Delaunay Cup.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Strikers block Henri Delaunay Cup tour

Thursday 9th June 2016

FRENCH strikers shut down the train carrying the Euro 2016 trophy yesterday.

The train travelled through 25 cities on its way to Paris’s Gare du Nord station, giving fans the chance to have their picture taken with the Henri Delaunay Cup.

But protesters furious at the nominally socialist government’s full-frontal assault on workers’ rights taking action in the capital meant the train was closed to the public yesterday.

The El Khomri law — passed by decree after parliament refused its assent — has sparked huge strikes in the transport and oil sectors, with just 29 per cent of the public supporting the rewriting of the labour code of the EU member state.

The Euros are due to kick off on Friday but French President Francois Hollande’s stubborn refusal to negotiate with the aggrieved workers means there is no end to the strikes in sight.

3 thoughts on “French workers stop European football cup

  1. Dear Friends,

    French unions, students, unemployed youth, and undocumented workers are in a powerful battle to defend their right to decent jobs and benefits, in spite of intense state repression on behalf of the austerity agenda. In the U.S., where recent developments include a six-week Verizon workers’ strike, fast food workers invading McDonalds corporate campus with Black Lives Matter banners, farmworker mobilizations, and high school student walkouts to save schools, a win in France could inspire more conscious and united struggle.

    We are writing to spread the word about a call for international solidarity in time for the June 14 Paris convergence, which constitutes a general strike. Please read, sign and share the call below (also found at ). To sign on to this call, please contact the Ad Hoc Committee to Support French Workers c/o Johnnie Stevens at


  2. French rail strike continues

    The strike by French rail staff against labour reforms imposed by the Hollande-led Socialist Party government has continued this week.

    Following talks on Monday between rail company SNCF representative and the railworkers unions, a deal on working hours and conditions is being put to the members of the unions involved.

    The SNCF came under government pressure to get an agreement ahead of the European football tournament starting Friday. However, Hollande is still insisting the assault on workers’ conditions will not be withdrawn. Two unions, Sud-Rail and the CGT, have allowed their members to continue striking against the deal, but two other unions have recommended it to their members. Only some 10 percent of the workforce are absent, according to press reports, yet train travel continues to be disrupted. Strikes by refuse workers are also continuing.


    Proposed action by French airline pilots under pressure

    Airline pilots working for the French Air France-KLM company are due to begin a four-day strike on Saturday over pay and the company’s restructuring plans. The action is planned by the three unions representing airline pilots.

    The airline staff are coming under pressure to call off the strike, which would coincide with the beginning of the European football tournament.


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