Will Brazilian coup leaders be arrested?

This video says about itself:

7 June 2016

Brazil’s prosecutor has called for the arrest of 4 pro-impeachment leaders, after a leaked tape revealed their ulterior motives to pursue Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment.

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  1. Thursday 9th June 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    BRAZIL’S attorney general has requested the arrest of several allies of acting President Michel Temer for obstructing the Car Wash corruption probe at state oil firm Petrobras.

    TV Globo reported on Tuesday that Rodrigo Janot was seeking to have former president Jose Sarney, former planning minister Romero Juca, lower house Speaker Eduardo Cunha and senate Speaker Renan Calheiros taken into custody.

    All four are members of Mr Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) and played key roles in last month’s legislative coup against President Dilma Rousseff.

    Ms Rousseff and her Workers Party have consistently argued that the impeachment proceedings led by her former PMDB allies are a cover for sinking the inquiry into multimillion-pound bribery allegations.

    Supreme Federal Tribunal judge Teori Zavascki will rule on the request. Only the high court can arrest or try elected officials.

    The allegations rest on secret recordings made by former senator and PMBD ally Sergio Machado of Mr Calheiros, Mr Juca, Mr Sarney and then transparency minister Fabiano Silveira discussing ways to block the Car Wash investigation.

    The recordings suggest that the PMDB made deals to win cross-party congressional support for Ms Rousseff’s six-month suspension in return for whitewashing their roles in the scandal.

    Those recordings and their transcripts were sensationally broadcast and published in the Brazilian media, forcing the resignations of Mr Juca and Mr Silveira.

    Mr Machado has struck a plea bargain deal with prosecutors in return for immunity in the investigation.



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