Farmer’s water pumps help birds

This June 2016 video is about recently installed water pumps helping farmer Egbert Zorgdrager help grassland birds.

BirdLife in the Netherlands writes about this (translated):

This spring, on the land of farmer Egbert Zorgdrager four solar energy water pumps have been placed. The goal is wetting his meadows on Terschelling island as this is beneficial for grassland birds. The pumps pump water from the ditches on the land, thus ensuring a higher water level. …

In recent weeks many beautiful things happened on Egbert’s flowery pastures:

Regularly some ruffs are seen, which are almost extinct as breeding birds in our country.

Rare migratory birds are also fond of flower and herb-rich meadows. In May it was a beautiful stilt sandpiper [a vagrant from North America] which chose the Terschelling polder for a stopover.

On the wettest piece of meadow near the Wadden Sea dike avocets breed and for the entire month of June their fluffy chicks will be there.

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