Argentine political prisoner on hunger strike

This video from Argentina says about itself:

Milagro Sala, Macri‘s 1st Political Prisoner, Starts Hunger Strike

7 June 2016

The indigenous leader and lawmaker will start a hunger strike on Friday to protest the mistreatment against her and other Tupac Amaru prisoners.

5 thoughts on “Argentine political prisoner on hunger strike

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  3. Saturday 9th December 2017

    ARGENTINIAN indigenous leader Milagro Sala’s supporters celebrated on Thursday after she was acquitted of threatening the police.

    The court in the northern province of Jujuy threw out the charges for lack of evidence, freeing her after more than two years on remand on a series of charges.

    “Despite the years in which I have been harassed in this case, it has been shown that I am really innocent,” she said while being removed from the court.

    Ms Sala, raised in poverty after her mother abandoned her as a baby, leads the Tupac Amaru Neighbourhood Organisation which has played central role in protests against conservative President Mauricio Macri and his swingeing austerity cuts.

    Her lawyer Elizabeth Gomez said: “There are moments when the obvious lies are broken, the fakes are exposed and the curtain falls and there is no more room to dictate a sentence.”


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