Dutch farmers help Senegalese farmers to help godwits

This is a black-tailed godwit video.

Translated from BirdLife in the Netherlands, 24 May 2016:

We also look across the border. After the breeding season our Dutch black-tailed godwits will migrate south. Most overwinter in Africa. They rest there, and need safety and food.

The Society for Versatile Farmlands decided to support their fellow farmers in Senegal with a donation of € 11,000 by way of BirdLife in the Netherlands. This wonderful initiative came from Teunis Jacob Slob, one of the first pro-grassland birds farmers. BirdLife in the Netherlands contributed to the project: at the Lac de Guiers, in the northwest of Senegal, we involve local farmers in protecting the godwits. Together, we ensure that the birds find food (rice) and find peace. In spring they will be strong enough to fly back to the Netherlands.

7 thoughts on “Dutch farmers help Senegalese farmers to help godwits

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