Dutch racists injure teenager

James, injured by racists, photo by Jean Paul Fred Makaza

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Racist insults and beating for 17-year-old boy

Today, 13:22

A 17-years-old boy from Almelo this Friday said he was abused at a fair in Geesteren after someone had made racist remarks against him. …

[Remarks like:] ‘Cancer nigger, dirty coon, go back to your own country’.

According to RTV Oost the 17-year-old James asked a fair visitor to stop making the insults. In response, the boy got slaps in the face. He now lacks a front tooth.

The boy’s brother is now calling on Facebook on witnesses to come forward. “My little brother has lost a tooth and another one is half demolished. He will have to live now for the rest of his life with a dental prosthesis foot in his mouth and he also has a lot of injuries to his face and jaw.”

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