Pentagon tested poison gas on veterans, denied them health care

This video from the USA says about itself:

Government Tested Mustard Gas On Vets, Denied Health Care

4 June 2016

The US government tested mustard gas on American troops during World War 2. Decades later they’re denying those vets health care. Ana Kasparian and Hasan Piker (Pop Trigger) of The Young Turks discuss.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs has rejected the vast majority of claims filed by veterans who were exposed to mustard gas as part of secret experiments during World War II, according to a report released Tuesday by Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

About 60,000 military service members were used as human guinea pigs in a military research program to test protective equipment. Roughly 4,000 of them received high levels of full-body exposure to mustard gas or Lewisite, another toxic agent.

But the VA has rejected the claims of 85 percent of the veterans who applied for benefits related to the secret testing, according to the report.

From 2005 to 2015, the VA identified 1,213 disability claims related to mustard agent exposure from 792 World War II veterans. Of those claims, 1,028 were denied, the report found.”

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8 thoughts on “Pentagon tested poison gas on veterans, denied them health care

  1. Senator Claire McCaskill’s report, as reported in the McClatchy press, does not say who used the mustard gas and other poison on battlefields.

    However, it does say *the tests* were by the US army in Missouri:

    ”The Arla Harrell Act is named for an 89-year-old man from Bevier, Mo., who McCaskill believes could be the last living victim of the tests in Missouri.

    Harrell was a teenage Army recruit when, he says, he was hospitalized after being subjected to mustard gas tests at Camp Crowder in Neosho, Mo.”



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