German anti-African football player racism

This football video is called Jérôme Boateng – Defensive Skills – 2015/16.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

German politician in race row over Jérôme Boateng comments

Alternative für Deutschland’s Alexander Gauland reportedly said Germans like the footballer but would not want him living next door

Peter Yeung

29 May 2016

Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party has apologied after its deputy leader was quoted as saying people would not want the international footballer Jerome Boateng as a neighbour.

Alexander Gauland, the deputy leader of the anti-immigration party, told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “People find him good as a footballer. But they don’t want to have a Boateng as their neighbour.”

Boateng, born in Berlin to a German mother and Ghanaian father, has played 57 games for Germany and was a key player in its 2014 World Cup-winning team.

Michael Müller, Berlin’s mayor, said the comments were “nonsense” and that they “dragged football into the dirt”.

He said in a statement: “At least now it’s clear that the goals of Gauland and AfD are all about division and exclusion in society and not its cohesion.

“Any team sport by nature has something that connects and the members of a team do their best to work together to achieve a goal so wish I myself also a functioning society.

Frank Henkel, interior and sports senator, added: “In football, there is only one response to this failure by Gauland – namely the red card.”

Frauke Petry, AfD’s party leader, suggested Mr Gauland wasn’t sure if he made the comments.

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