British neonazis at Buchenwald concentration camp

British National action nazis at Buchenwald

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Germany: Police probe nazi Buchenwald picture

Friday 27th May 2016

GERMAN authorities are investigating British neonazis that took twisted holiday snaps at Buchenwald concentration camp, the Bild newspaper reported on Wednesday night.

Openly neonazi National Action — whose handful of members include Zack Davies, currently serving 14 years for a racially motivated attempted murder, and Garron Helm who was jailed for sending anti-semitic tweets to an MP — posted the photo on its north-west region Twitter account last week.

The blurred, pixelated image shows the shadowy figures of two members standing in a basement execution room at the camp, holding up their banner and sieg heiling, with the sickening caption: “Oy Vey, such horrors.”

A spokeswoman for the Buchenwald Memorial site said the room was once used to store corpses, but the nazis also strangled over 1,000 people on metal hooks there.

She said officials filed a criminal complaint to police on Wednesday after being informed of the picture.

THE director of the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial foundation confronted a far-right German politician yesterday over his party’s attacks on Holocaust remembrance in the country. Volkhard Knigge met with Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentarian Stephan Brandner and said he would use the meeting to challenge him over “the historical revisionism and anti-democratic positions of his party and his own position on them”: here.

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