Against police racism in San Francisco, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Ñ Don’t Stop: The #Frisco5 Fight Back as Chief Suhr [of San Fransisco police] Resigns

25 May 2016

For this segment of #ÑDontStop we go back to The Bay in San Francisco, we first spoke with teacher Nancy Pili who told us how the community has fought back against the troubled SFPD. The Frisco 5 and their hunger strike brought attention to the corruption and racism within the SFPD and demanded that Chief Suhr be fired. After a racist text message scandal, a growing number of police murder victims including Alex Nieto and Mario Woods, the community decided that Chief Suhr had to go. Could Mayor Ed Lee be next? Ñ Don’t Stop sat down with 2 of the Frisco 5 as they reflected on their struggle.

A black woman physician says she tried to help on a Delta plane, but a flight attendant didn’t believe she could be a doctor.

TIDYING UP WHILE BLACK Police in Boulder, Colorado, are investigating a video that shows several officers confronting a black man who was picking up trash at his own house. [AP]

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