South African Supreme Court anti-rhino decision

This video from South Africa says about itself:


24 April 2015

From National Geographic:

South Africa Just Lifted Its Ban on the Rhino Horn Trade

A lawsuit brought by two South African rhino ranchers to invalidate the country’s rhino horn ban is upheld, and the government’s appeal is denied.

By Bryan Christy

PUBLISHED May 23, 2016

With just three terse sentences, South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has legalized rhino horn trade in South Africa again, rejecting an appeal by the government to keep a ban on domestic trade in place. The decision opens a door to criminal activity that some say is necessary to save a species—and others say will doom it.

International trade in rhino horn has been banned since 1977 among the now 182 member countries of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES), the body that governs international wildlife trade.

But CITES covers trade between countries; it does not apply to trade within a country’s own borders. South Africa, home to the world’s largest rhino population, and nearly all of the world’s 20,000 white rhinos, allowed domestic trade in white rhino horns until 2009. That year, in response to a rise in poaching, the government imposed a moratorium, shutting off the internal South African rhino horn business.

I am a skeptic on the reincarnation doctrine. However, reading about this anti-rhino decision, one would almost suspect that far-right United States Supreme Court Justice Scalia, after his death in the USA, has reincarnated as a South African Supreme Court judge.

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