Protests against Brazilian coup government

This video says about itself:

Black Power Against the Coup in Brazil

19 May 2016

Protesters stood up in front of the Sao Paulo Federation of Industries. Fiesp represents the state’s largest businesses. It supported the coup and the Senate-imposed government of Michel Temer.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bronx – Brazil Community Gathering with MST Denounces Coup

19 May 2016

Raul Amorim, Coordinator of the Youth Collective of the Brazilian Landless Worker’s Movement visited the South Bronx to meet youth from the neighborhood and hold an exchange speaking about people’s struggles, the coup in Brazil, the role of the youth in movement and people to people solidarity. Plus, New York MC, Torae, rocks live at the Art of Lyrics showcase in Harlem.

This video says about itself:

19 May 2016

The closure of the Ministry of Culture by the government of Senate-imposed Michel Temer has brought numerous protests in Brazil. One of the most original took place on Monday when hundreds gathered at the defunct Ministry’s building to perform Carl Orff‘s famous “Carmina Burana” 20th Century cantata.

This video says about itself:

Brazilian Students Protest Against Cuts to Education

19 May 2016

Brazil’s Senate vice president has denounced a siege against suspended President Dilma Rousseff ordered by the interim right-wing president. Senate-imposed Interim President Michel Temer has deployed military troops to cordon off the area surrounding the Palácio da Alvorada, residence of the suspended President Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian Senate Vice President Jorge Vianna said on Thursday: here.

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