Indigenous Brazilians protest coup

This video says about itself:

Indigenous Brazilians Protest the Coup-imposed Government of Michel Temer

18 May 2016

Indigenous people gathered Tuesday in front of Senate-imposed President Michel Temer‘s offices to denounce the coup and demand recognition of their land.

This video says about itself:

Thousands Protest Against Impeachment Against Rousseff

18 May 2016

Social movements and unions in Brazil mobilized against the impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff.

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  1. Wednesday 18th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Acting president slammed over his all-white, all-male cabinet

    by Our Foreign Desk

    TWO of Brazil’s biggest trade union federations spurned an invitation to meet acting President Michel Temer on Monday, exemplifying the credibility challenges that he faces.

    However, four smaller, right-wing union centres sent representatives to meet him in Brasilia.

    Mr Temer assumed presidential powers last week after Dilma Rousseff was impeached by the Senate and suspended from office for employing accounting tricks to hide deficits in the federal budget, which is not illegal.

    Ms Rousseff insisted she had done nothing wrong and would continue fighting throughout a Senate trial, set to begin within six months.

    Mr Temer will be president during that process and will complete Ms Rousseff’s term, which ends in 2018, if she is convicted and permanently removed from power.

    He has attracted sharp criticism for picking a cabinet of 22 white men, for planning to attack the pension system and for proposing to raise taxes.

    The intention behind his invitation to trade union leaders was to persuade them that “reforming” the pension system is essential to begin pulling Brazil from recession.

    The Central Workers’ Union, the largest in the country and closely linked to Ms Rousseff’s Workers’ Party, did not attend.

    It insisted in a statement that it would not “recognise putschists as governors” and demanded the elected president’s reinstatement.

    The third-largest union, the Brazilian Workers’ Centre, also rebuffed Mr Temer.

    Combined, the two unions cover about 42 per cent of the nation’s nine million unionised workers, according to the Labour Ministry.

    The four that did meet Mr Temer claim to represent about 35 per cent.

    Forca Sindical, whose leader Paulo Pereira da Silva did attend, said participants had agreed to create a task force to discuss pension reform over the next month.

    Mr Temer was criticised at the weekend by business leaders who are angry about the finance minister’s suggestion that new taxes be imposed and denounced by regional leaders who said that they would not accept him as president.

    Responding to critics of his all-white, all-male cabinet, he told pro-coup Globo TV on Sunday night that he wanted people from the “the feminine world,” which raised derision on social media websites.


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