House wren sings, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

House Wren Song

16 May 2016

Male House Wren has claimed a nest box and has a mate and spends much of the day loudly singing his upbeat gibberish song for all backyard birds to hear. These are delightful little birds to have around as they constantly scold anyone who enters “their territory” while mating and raising their young. Often producing two broods a season these little birds eat a prodigious amount of insects and spiders.

5 thoughts on “House wren sings, video

  1. I thought I was hearing House Wrens when I moved to the Netherlands 2 years ago, but the “House Wrens” turned out to be Lesser Whitethroats (Braamsluiper) instead. Very similar songs!


  2. When I played this vdo… The birds sitting on my window started chirping and were confused as they couldn’t see but hear the bird in question…. I’m not very good in species… But enjoy my solitude time in my garden seeing them peck away eating away insects…


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