Brazil, coup and Chevron oil

This video says about itself:

Wikileaks: Brazil‘s New Foreign Minister Promised to Help Chevron

16 May 2016

Jose Serra, the new foreign minister of the Senate-imposed interim government, is mentioned in the Wikileaks cables offering to help the U.S. oil giant Chevron.

Why The Campaign Against Brazil’s First Female President Is An Attack Against All Women: here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

Noam Chomsky: Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff “Impeached by a Gang of Thieves”

17 May 2016

As protests continue in Brazil over the Legislature’s vote to suspend President Dilma Rousseff and put her on trial, Noam Chomsky notes that “we have the one leading politician who hasn’t stolen to enrich herself, who’s being impeached by a gang of thieves, who have done so. That does count as a kind of soft coup.” Rousseff’s replacement, Brazil’s former vice president, Michel Temer, is a member of the opposition PMDB party who is implicated in Brazil’s massive corruption scandal involving state-owned oil company Petrobras, and has now appointed an all-white male Cabinet charged with implementing corporate-friendly policies.

This video says about itself:

Countries Against the Coup in Brazil

16 May 2016

Ten countries throughout the world have rejected the Senate-imposed interim government led by Michel Temer.

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