Bernie Sanders wants Puerto Rican independence referendum

This video says about itself:

Sanders Promises Independence Referendum for Puerto Rico if Elected

17 May 2016

Ahead of the June 5 Democratic primary in Puerto Rico, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally there on Monday where he addressed the island’s economic issues.

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  2. Wednesday 18th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Leftwinger calls for Puerto Rico referendum

    by Our Foreign Desk

    DEMOCRATIC presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went head to head in primary contests in Kentucky and Oregon yesterday, with results expected this morning.

    Most recent polls put Ms Clinton ahead in both contests — by 48 to 33 in Oregon and 43 to 38 in Kentucky — but the Sanders camp anticipates an upset.

    Oregon has a similar demographic and progressive orientation to neighbouring Washington state, which should augur well for Mr Sanders.

    But this cannot be taken for granted since Oregon operates a closed system for the primary, where only pre-registered Democrats can vote. Nonetheless, polling reveals that 89 per cent of under-30s back him.

    The Vermont senator addressed hundreds of students at the University of Puerto Rico on Monday night, saying that Washington ought to support debt restructuring for the territory.

    “In the midst of this terrible human and economic crisis, it is morally repugnant that we are seeing vulture funds on Wall Street … demanding that Puerto Rico fire teachers, close schools, cut pensions and abolish the minimum wage,” he said to cheers.

    Mr Sanders also pledged his backing for a clear, binding referendum to give Puerto Ricans the chance to determine their homeland’s political future.

    He told RT America television at the weekend that he wanted so-called “superdelegates” who had announced their support for his opponent, “including many of them who came on board Clinton’s campaign before I was even on the race,” to do some “hard thinking” before the first ballot at the Democratic Party convention.

    Mr Sanders reaffirmed his intention to fight all the way to the convention, saying: “We have Kentucky and Oregon this week.

    “We hope we can win those states, but the big enchilada is June 7. We have six states, including California and New Jersey. If we can win California, we are going to be coming into that convention with a heck of a lot of momentum.

    “And if the polls continue to show us that we are a stronger candidate against Trump than Clinton is, I would hope that a lot of people in that convention say Bernie Sanders should be the candidate.”


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