United States elections, plutocracy or democracy?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Corporations Fund Both Party Conventions, Reap Huge Rewards

14 May 2016

The money used to fund both Democratic and Republican conventions is provided by the billionaire class, but this wasn’t always the case. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (ThinkTank), hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“This year the Republican and Democratic nominating conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia will be bankrolled entirely with money from corporations and wealthy individuals. Not since the Watergate era, when a $400,000 pledge to the 1972 Republican convention from ITT Corporation was linked to a favorable outcome for the company in a federal antitrust decision, has this happened.

Industries with business before the federal government have long found opening their checkbooks for the conventions to be one of the most efficient means for influencing an incoming administration and Congress in one quick action.

Come July, some of America’s best-known companies will pay to celebrate the nomination of Donald Trump, whose racist rants have in the past caused NBC, Macy’s and Nascar to distance themselves from him. Progressive political groups like ColorOfChange.org and Credo Action are pressuring Coca-Cola, Walmart, Microsoft, Facebook and Google to cut off money for the Republican gathering. But the protest against Mr. Trump doesn’t address the deeper problem of corporate influence over both parties.”

Read more here.

Sunday, July 29, 2018, marked the start of the final 100 days of the US midterm election campaign, with the Democrats and Republicans, the two parties of the capitalist class, having already spent more than $2 billion. It is predicted that the final total will far surpass the record $3.8 billion for a midterm election spent in 2014 and likely approach $5 billion: here.

With nearly three weeks still remaining before the November 6 vote, the 2018 US midterm elections have already become the most expensive non-presidential elections in American history. More than $5 billion has already been raised by and for federal, state and local campaigns: here.

A new study reveals how America’s billionaires engage in “stealth politics” to quietly advance unpopular, inequality-exacerbating and highly conservative policies.

TOO MANY MILLIONAIRES IN CONGRESS Most lawmakers in Congress are financially better off than the constituents they represent. Millionaires comprise nearly 40 percent of Congress, compared to being just 4 percent of the U.S. population. This lopsided representation is not just a coincidence. [HuffPost]

A closer look at American “democracy”: here.

FAT CAT ‘CUTS CURB TO GET PARKING’ A billionaire hedge fund manager shaved down a public sidewalk in Manhattan to create his own parking space and his employees are shooing away anyone else who tries to park there. Noam Gottesman had the curb cut away during renovations to his West Village compound. [HuffPost]

67 thoughts on “United States elections, plutocracy or democracy?

  1. This current scenario is so disheartening to many of us in the States who watch with dismay and horror the total collapse of the so-called political system into some sort of bizarre circus where the likes of Trump thrive. It’s also scary to realize that Trump has a following of people who agree with him. Perhaps these are the fruits of our failed public school system? Perhaps it’s the consequence of the repression of a multiparty system? Perhaps it’s human nature at its most insecure and intolerant ‘best’? Perhaps this is the endgame of a culture which values MONEY above all things? I fear that we are a country ripe for totalitarianism. I so hope I’m WRONG.


    • Thank you for your comment! I guess if it would be a Trump-Clinton contest, that would be the most hated politician against the second most hated politician. Both Big Money candidates. Maybe many people would stay home.

      Let us suppose that I would be in the shoes of the Democratic party establishment; that I really would care only about electability (never mind values). Then I should back Bernie Sanders, who, according to polls, would beat Trump more surely than Hillary Clinton would.


      • Bernie Sanders is a decent man who has done the best he could in Vermont. He would definitely be a breath of clean air. No one is perfect. But a Good Man/Woman is tough to find in American Politics. By Good I mean someone who gives a damn about more than what the corporate greedy guts desire. Sigh.


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  9. The disastrous decisions of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case and related cases are undermining the very foundations of American democracy and allowing billionaires and their super PACs to buy politicians and elections.

    In essence, the Citizens United ruling handed millionaires and billionaires — who have already rigged the economy — unlimited influence in American elections. It gave billionaires like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson the opportunity to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates from the White House the state legislatures who will represent their interests. In essence, Citizens United is moving us toward an oligarchic form of society in which a handful of billionaires will control the economy and political life.

    The Washington Post, in an excellent article, showed us how far the country is moving toward becoming an oligarchy. Incredibly, just TEN donors have poured more than $1.1 BILLION into super PACs in this election alone.

    The lesson here is that the political system isn’t broken, it is rigged and owned by the billionaire class. One of the best chances to un-rig the system is with ballot initiatives this November that will help get big money out of politics.

    California and Washington both have ballot initiatives that will instruct their state’s elected officials to do everything in their power to work to overturn Citizens United. And Howard County, Maryland, has the chance to enact a strong system of public financing to level the playing field for local elections.

    If these ballot initiatives pass, they will send an unmistakable message that the American public wants to get big money out of politics. That is why they need your help today:

    Split a $3 contribution to the campaigns for I-735 in Washington, Prop 59 in California, and Fair Elections Howard County and help these ballot initiatives win. Make your contribution now.

    The need for real campaign finance reform is not a progressive issue. It is not a conservative issue. It is an American issue.

    The job now is to get big money out of politics and to end voter suppression. The country has got to create a true democracy of one-person, one-vote, not billionaires buying elections.

    As Abraham Lincoln reminded us more than 150 years ago, there must be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That starts with taking the country’s destiny out of the hands of the billionaires who want to buy elections.

    Citizens United must be overturned to get big money out of politics. More cities, counties and states need to move toward public financing of elections that will level the playing field for people who want to run for office.

    I applaud Our Revolution’s work helping to get big money out of politics, and now I am asking for your help today for the ballot initiatives in California, Washington, and Maryland that, if passed, will move the country toward reclaiming American democracy from the billionaire class.

    Please split a $3 contribution between the campaigns helping pass three ballot initiatives to get big money out of politics.

    Together, the American people can show the political establishment that it’s possible to win elections powered by ordinary Americans, not millionaires, billionaires, and their super PACs. Thank you for making this happen.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


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