Griffon vultures harassed by carrion crows, video

This 7 May 2016 video is about a rare visit of griffon vultures to the Netherlands. A vulture in a tree is harassed by carrion crows.

Luuk Punt made this video.

9 thoughts on “Griffon vultures harassed by carrion crows, video

  1. When I was a little girl… My father was posted in Amritsar, Punjab, India. And there were lots of Tera in the officer’s mess. They wee full of Vultures… I used to be so terrified of going out. Had never seen such huge birds… Now I crave to see one but hardly get to see any. Last I saw one was 8 yrs ago… 😞
    Even eagles have diminished. 😔 Though in my present house I have four wild peacocks roaming my garden.. it’s a treat so see them up close. Sometimes I hear the call of a distant eagle flying above…


  2. Ha Nico,

    Niet alleen (grote) lijsters eten slakken, deze brutale kraai haalt de
    waterslakken uit mijn vijver! Ook het kikkerdril beviel hem goed! En
    geen konijn of krokodil kon hem verjagen…
    Hartelijke groet,

    Els van der Veen

    Nico: Leuk en mooi vastgelegd!


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