Starling murmuration in London, video

This 9 May 2016 BirdLife international video shows a starling murmuration in London, England.

It is about a campaign on 16 May 2016 to send messages to the European Commission in Brussels, stopping them from undermining pro-conservation policies.

8 thoughts on “Starling murmuration in London, video

  1. Dear friend,

    Thank you for making your voice heard and joining the Nature Alert campaign to protect wildlife last year. If you are new, welcome!

    Unfortunately, the fight is not over yet.

    Why do we need your support now?

    You have been key to demonstrating to EU politicians how many people care about nature: more than half a million of us supported a call to protect European nature laws in the Commission’s consultation last summer, 12 EU member states echoed this in December, and then in February we successfully called on the European Parliament to do the same.

    And now we need your voice once more.

    The European Commission has been drafting the findings of their consultation, and recommendations for future action. The longer they delay in publishing this, the more pressure they are coming under to weaken the findings, or worse.

    The two Commissioners most responsible, Karmenu Vella and Frans Timmermans, need to know that people still want nature defended, and they want the Commission to do it now, without delay.

    Tell politicians to defend nature with a click!

    You don’t need to live in Europe to support this campaign – Europe’s birds are everyone’s birds!

    Thank you once again for your support,

    Team BirdLife


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