Little owl, egrets, red-legged partridge in Spain

Corn bunting sings, 21 April 2016

Still 21 April 2016 in Extremadura, Spain; after seeing the great spotted cuckoo, booted eagle and other birds. Next, we saw this corn bunting, singing next to a thistle flower.

A woodchat shrike on a pole.

Two great crested grebes swimming in a lake. Also a mallard with ducklings. On the bank cattle egrets, little egrets and a spoonbill.

We are near a stone wall and eucalyptus trees. A little owl couple are said to live here. Will putting mealworms on the wall attract them?

Little owl male, 21 April 2016

There is the male little owl in an eucalyptus tree. You have to look hard at the picture puzzle style photo to find him.

Little owl female, 21 April 2016

Then, the female little owl appears from a hole in the wall.

Little owl female looks at sky, 21 April 2016

She looks at the sky, to see if there is any threat from a booted eagle or other raptor.

Litte owl female on wall, Extremadura, 21 April 2016

Then, she feeds on the mealworms.

Little owl female on wall, 21 April 2016

And disappears into the wall again.

Red-legged partridge, 21 April 2016

Along the road, a red-legged partridge.

Cattle egret, 21 April 2016

We arrive at a nesting colony where hundreds of birds live. Like this cattle egret.

Nesting colony, 21 April 2016

As far as I could see, most birds in the colony were cattle egrets, but there were also little egrets, great egrets, grey herons, great cormorants.

White stork flying, 17 April 2016

And white storks.

White storks, 21 April 2016

A zitting cisticola sings while flying.

A short-toed snake eagle flies.

A short-toed lark along the road.

We arrive at the Trujillo bullring. Lesser kestrels and spotless starlings flying.

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