Israeli general remembers Holocaust, right-wingers attack him

Major General Yair Golan

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

General under fire for talking of nazi leanings in Israel

Friday 6th May 2016

ISRAEL’S political and military Establishment decried army deputy chief of staff Major General Yair Golan yesterday for saying he saw reflections of events in nazi Germany in today’s Israel.

Maj Gen Golan told a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony on Wednesday evening that, “if there is something that frightens me in Holocaust remembrance, it is ghastly trends that took place in Europe in general, and in Germany specifically, 70, 80 and 90 years ago, and finding a sign of them here among us today in 2016.”

He added that, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israelis should “discuss our ability to uproot from among us buds of intolerance, buds of violence, buds of self-destruction on the path to ethical deterioration.”

Politicians have attacked the decision to charge with manslaughter a soldier filmed shooting dead a wounded Palestinian lying on the ground in the occupied West Bank, but the general pointed out: “Not everything we do is right.”

He suggested, nonetheless, that Israel’s army does not cover up “problematic activity.”

Education Minister Naftali Bennett demanded that Maj Gen Golan correct his statement, lest he be seen as comparing Israeli soldiers to nazis and giving credence to Holocaust deniers.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked called him “a little confused,” claiming that his statement reflected “a lack of understanding, if not a disrespect, of the Holocaust.”

Real ‘credence to Holocaust deniers’ and ‘disrespect of the Holocaust’ came from Israeli right-wing Prime Minister Netanyahu; who whitewashed Adolf Hitler’s guilt of the Shoah, blaming it on Palestinians instead.

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog countered by praising Maj Gen Golan as brave, adding: “This is what ethics and responsibility sound like.”

Israel came to a two-minute standstill yesterday morning, as citizens silently honoured those slaughtered by the nazis.

A quote from General Golan’s speech:

“After all, there is nothing simpler and easier than hating the foreigner, there is nothing easier and simpler than arousing fears and intimidating, there is nothing easier and simpler than becoming bestial, forgoing principles and becoming smug.”

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his government have forced Major General Yair Golan, the deputy chief of staff of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), to retract his statement drawing parallels between recent developments in Israeli society and processes that unfolded in Europe before the Holocaust: here.

The army, the last bulwark of national unity, is being torn apart. The high command is openly attacked as leftist, a term not far removed from traitorous in current Israeli discourse: here.

4 thoughts on “Israeli general remembers Holocaust, right-wingers attack him

  1. Auschwitz march marks Holocaust

    POLAND: More than 10,000 people from around the world paid homage to the victims of the Holocaust yesterday with a march from the barracks of Auschwitz to the nearby Birkenau camp.

    Among them were about 150 Holocaust survivors, Israel’s justice minister, Knesset members and people from 42 countries.

    As participants arrived at Birkenau’s gates, some knelt to pray and light candles on the railway line that carried Jews, Roma and others to their deaths.


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