Giro d’Italia cycling, wildlife in Dutch Gelderland

This 2017 Dutch video is about the Duivelsberg hill near Nijmegen city in the Netherlands. In 1944-1945, there was World War II fighting there.

Today, the Giro d’Italia cycling race will start in Apeldoorn city in Gelderland province in the Netherlands. Tomorrow, the cyclists during their second stage will pass the hill depicted in the video at the top of this blog post: the Duivelsberg; literally, Devil’s Mountain. The Duivelsberg is a beautiful area, where special animals live. An insect species, new to science was discovered there in 2003: Allopauropus montidiabolus.

Wildlife warden Thijmen van Heerde blogs today that he really likes cycling. And that he hopes that the spectators of the Giro will also notice how beautiful the scenery through which the race passes is.

Part of the third Giro d’Italia stage is through the Gelderse Poort nature reserve. This drone video shows Fort Pannerden in that reserve. About Fort Pannerden: here.

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