General anti-austerity strike in Greece

This video says about itself:

6 May 2016

A 48-hour general strike has begun in Greece against further proposed austerity measures. This action adds up to a previous one that had been called for Sunday.

GREECE: Unions have called a three-day general strike starting this morning in protest at a parliamentary vote on a new round of banking-bailout austerity measures. State and municipal services will be disrupted for three days, while ferries services will be halted for four. MPs are currently debating further cuts to the pension system, tabled by the Syriza government, and will vote on the draft legislation on Sunday night; here.

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EU plans decades of austerity for Greece: here.

From a pro-big business source:

This paper provides a descriptive analysis of where the Greek bailout money went since 2010 and finds that, contrary to widely held beliefs, less than €10 billion or a fraction of less than 5% of the overall programme went to the Greek fiscal budget. In contrast, the vast majority of the money went to existing creditors in the form of debt repayments and interest payments.

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