Kent State killing of US peace demonstrators, 1970

This video says about itself:

United States: Kent State Shooting

4 May 2016

In 1970 [on 4 May], the Ohio National Guard killed 4 students at Kent State University during protests against the Vietnam War.

Bloody Thursday: Today marks 47yrs since Battle For People’s Park in Berkeley, California: here.

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  10. 50 years ago: Students occupy buildings at Columbia University

    On April 23, 1968, students began an occupation of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University in protest against the institution’s ties to a Vietnam War research firm, the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), and against its construction of a new gymnasium whose design plan appeared to offer segregated access to black residents of Harlem, which was adjacent to the building’s lower side.

    Five buildings were occupied in all, and a dean briefly held hostage. Hundreds of students participated in the occupation, and hundreds more supported it. It lasted for just over a week, garnering major media coverage.

    The occupiers demanded the reinstatement of six students suspended for protesting against the IDA, an end to the construction of the gym, amnesty for all students joining in the occupations, and the reversal of an edict by university president Grayson Kirk banning indoor protests.

    After one week, Kirk called in the New York City police, who cut off water and power to the buildings. On April 30, at 2:20 in the morning, some 1,000 police brutally attacked the students. Police wielding axes smashed through wooden doors, and phalanxes of officers stomped through students passively resisting, smashing limbs and clubbing heads with truncheons and flashlights. Plain-clothed police, without badges, savagely beat a number of students. Cops dragged students by their feet down the buildings’ concrete steps. In the police riot several journalists were also beaten, and photographic equipment smashed, in the police riot.

    Within three hours the occupation was crushed. About 720 students and faculty were arrested, and 136 demonstrators suffered injuries in the police attack.


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