Honduran Big Business murders of environmentalists

This video says about itself:

Repression Has Become the Norm in Honduras

4 May 2016

Four men associated with DESA

Desarrollos Energéticos, SA (DESA), the private energy company behind the environmentally controversial Agua Zarca dam

arrested for the murder of Berta Caceres, but Grahame Russell of Rights Action Canada says there are too many serious irregularities with the investigation to trust it.

7 thoughts on “Honduran Big Business murders of environmentalists

  1. Wednesday 4th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    HONDURAN prosecution authorities arrested four people on Monday in connection with the murder of environmental activist Berta Caceres, who was shot dead on March 3 by gunmen who broke into her home.

    Those arrested include an army officer and three people who worked for the Desarrollos Energeticos SA (DESA) hydroelectric project she opposed, according to public prosecutor’s office spokesman Yuri Mora.

    The Hidroelectrica Agua Zarca Company, which is managed by DESA, said that only one of the men was employed by the firm and denied having anything to do with Ms Caceres’s killing.

    She had reported death threats from security personnel working for the company.

    Her children and the Council of Indigenous and Popular Organisations of Honduras, which she founded, want an international group of experts from the Inter American Human Rights Commission to take part in in the investigation.

    “We do not know if these arrests reach all the levels of the masterminds” behind the killing, they said.



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