Baby foxes saved

This video by Jarinka Heijink from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

“Last Thursday I was walking in the forest when I suddenly saw a young red fox of 2-3 weeks old. Because it was so young and weak and I heard more foxes further away in a grove, I called the animal ambulance. They came to the conclusion that probably the mother fox had died, and the baby foxes went looking for food outside the den. We found four fox cubs. The employees of Dierenambulance Lower Rhine have taken the foxes to a shelter, so they can safely convalesce.

The video shows two of the four cubs and is very special because they do not come out of the den normally at this age.”

Jarinka has let us know that things now go well for the foxes.

They will be freed when they will be old enough to survive in the wild.

6 thoughts on “Baby foxes saved

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