May Day demonstration preparations all over the world

This video says about itself:

20 April 2016

Watch the video of MAY DAY wishes | Happy May Day 2016 | Labour’s day | Workers’ day.

This is a video of Dutch trade union federation FNV announcing its demonstration on 1 May 2016 in Amsterdam.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Workers gear up for show of strength the world over

Saturday 30th April 2016

Education workers will lead Havana May Day

TRADE UNIONS around the world are readying themselves for International Workers’ Day marches and rallies tomorrow.

In Cuba, the annual million-strong procession through Havana will be led off this year by 5,000 education workers in recognition of their vital role in the country’s socialist revolution.

Education, Science and Sports Workers’ Union general secretary Ismael Drullet said the decision harked back to the 1961 campaign that eradicated illiteracy on the island.

He recalled former president Fidel Castro’s insistence that without education there could be no revolution.

“We must protect our homeland with intelligence and this can only be achieved through the commitment of our teachers to train the new generations,” Mr Drullet stressed.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) adopted the slogan “end corporate greed” for this year’s Workers’ Day.

General secretary Sharan Burrow decried politicians and the super-rich dodging payment of taxes “that are the bedrock of social and economic development and the basis for social protection.

“On this May Day, many will march under banners for freedom and against conflict and slavery, many will rally for justice for refugees,” she said.

“Many will stand firm for minimum living wages and collective bargaining and oppose corporate greed. Many will demand climate justice.”

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) said: “The multinationals, the reactionary governments, neofascist and racist forces, the imperialist mechanisms dread this day, because it is a symbol of internationalism, a symbol of struggle, a symbol of class unity.”

WFTU expressed solidarity with Palestine, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen “and all peoples who are suffering imperialist attacks.”

In Greece private-sector union federation GSEE and communist workers’ front Pame geared up for a 48-hour strike on Thursday, when parliament debates the Social Security and Pension Reform Bill — a raft of Brussels-dictated cuts.

GSEE said: “For the federation, these initial measures (as worse are expected), are unfair, unequal and ineffective. This is why the fight is the only way.”

South African union federation Cosatu condemned bosses who have issued memos threatening workers with the sack if they attend the May Day celebrations across the country and observe Monday’s national holiday.

This video shows a May Day demonstration in Paris, France in 2013. Tomorrow, there will again be a big May Day demonstration there, including against the French government’s plans to attack workers’ rights.

This video is called May Day 2011 Celebrations in Delhi, India. India is one of many countries where there will be celebrations on 1 May 2016.

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