Great bustards, small larks, Extremadura, Spain

This video says about itself:

Birds of Spain – with Wingspan Bird Tours – Great bustard, Extremadura, Spain Oct 2010

A small flock of Great bustards feeding on the plains near Santa Marta, Extremadura, Spain.

After 16 April 2016 in Extremadura came 17 April 2016 for us.

At a filling station, an azure-winged magpie sitting on a trashcan. And a spotless starling on a lamppost; and a white wagtail on the ground.

A bit further, a white stork flies with nesting material in its bill.

We stop. A black kite flying.

Dehesa, 17 April 2016

This is ‘dehesa’ countryside: typical for Extremadura, with mostly holly oak trees at some distance from each other.

A short-toed snake eagle flying.

A cuckoo calls. A hoopoe calls. A corn bunting sings.

Steppe, 17 April 2016

We continue to a different type of countryside. Between Trujillo and Cáceres towns, with less trees. Steppe scenery.

What kind of birds live here? We hear a quail; but, as usually with this elusive species, we don’t see it. We do see another elusive species, a special bird for this region: a little bustard. However, this lone male is far away.

Steppe, Extremadura, 17 April 2016

We go a little further, to another part of the steppe.

Will be see another elusive species, special birds for this region, here: great bustards?

Great bustard, 17 April 2016

Yes, there is one male!

Great bustards, 17 April 2016

A bit later it turns out he is not alone. In this mating season, we see three males and two females.

A calandra lark sings.

A big griffon vulture flying. So do much smaller swifts.

A woodchat shrike.

Crested lark, 17 April 2016

A crested lark sings on a fence.

A booted eagle flying.

Kestrel, 17 April 2016

We are a bit further. A female kestrel resting.

Great bustard, Extremadura, 17 April 2016

In another part of the steppe, again a male great bustard walking.

Great bustard flies, Extremadura, 17 April 2016

While another great bustard flies overhead.


21 thoughts on “Great bustards, small larks, Extremadura, Spain

  1. all I can say about the birds of Spain is they’re noisy little sods, wonderful characters and difficult to spot in our forest but we love them and I am saving this blog for comparison so WHEN I get a photo shot I will know what they are. thanks


    • Hi, songbirds in forests or bushes are always more difficult to spot and photograph than bigger birds in open country. All the best for you, your blog, your photos and the birds!


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