Nightingale and woodchat shrikes in Extremadura, Spain

Azure-winged magpie, Jaraicejo, 14 April 2016

After 13 April 2016 in Extremadura, Spain came 14 April. In the morning, this azure-winged magpie near Jaraicejo.

Barn swallows collect mud for their nests.

A black kite flying. Hoopoe and bee-eater calling. Typical Extremadura birds.

Short-toed treecreeper, 14 April 2016

A short-toed treecreeper on a branch.

Corn bunting, Jaraicejo, 14 April 2016

A corn bunting on another branch.

Woodchat shrike, Extremadura, 14 April 2016

And a woodchat shrike on yet another branch.

In the afternoon, a walk around Jaraicejo. A crested lark.

Around Jaraicejo, 14 April 2016

A nightingale sings beautifully.

A cuckoo calls. A goldfinch on a branch.

Cork oak, 14 April 2016

Cork oaks.

Butterflies, including small heath.

Woodchat shrike, in Extremadura, 14 April 2016

Again, a woodchat shrike.

Cork oaks, 14 April 2016

And, again, cork oaks.

Jaraicejo, 14 April 2016

We saw Jaraicejo village.

Domestic pigeon, 16 April 2016

In a hole in a village wall, a domestic pigeon rested.

In the lakelet near the village, a little grebe swimming. Two cattle egrets on the bank.

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