Volkswagen fraudster fat cats try greenwashing

This video from Portugal says about itself:

Volkswagen caught while greenwashing (still) – Lisbon, November 6th 2015

Climáximo, a Portuguese activist group for climate justice, visited a green car exhibition in Lisbon, “Salão do Automóvel e Veiculo Ecológico”, on November 6th to put the Volkswagen zone into quarantine. Only weeks before the Paris climate summit COP-21, green corporate propaganda is on the rise, with companies like VW, BP, Renault-Nissan to present themselves as green solutions while at the same time committing environmental crimes.

The Volkswagen scandal showed us only the tip of the iceberg: First, it turns out the cheating involved more than the diesel cars and nitrogen oxide emissions, to include carbon dioxide and fuel economy as well. And second, the methodological fraud goes beyond VW, as was shown in a recent study by Transport and Environment, and includes companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Renault, Peugeot and Toyota.

It seems that corporations not only crossed the red lines for a just and liveable planet, but couldn’t even fit themselves within the blurry lines of green capitalism.

Climáximo calls for the Global Climate March on 28/29 November and the mass actions in Paris on 12 December.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Volkswagen wants greener image

Today, 12:45

Volkswagen tries everything to get a greener image.

They already before, falsely, claimed to be ‘green’. Image is one thing; reality is another thing.

This is the direct result of the scandal with the fraudulent software in diesel cars. Volkswagen has set aside provisionally 16 billion for all costs of recalls and claims.

Damage control

Volkswagen is now in full damage control mode. For example, over 11 million vehicles have been recalled worldwide. These are diesel cars equipped with the fraudulent software which Volkswagen used to falsify the emissions tests.

That recall does not go according to plan. Actually Volkswagen Passat cars should already have been in the garages, but there are problems with the technical solution. The German road traffic authority BKA has not approved the procedure. That is why Volkswagen wants to try to start with the Golf cars. What types and from when it is not yet clear. …

Volkswagen also tries hard to repair its public image. CEO Müller stressed that the car of the future is the electric car. That was not heard from major carmakers like Volkswagen Group before the scandal became public last September.

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