Kuwaiti striking oil workers’ victory

This video says about itself:

19 April 2016

Hadley Gamble reports from Kuwait City where oil workers have gone on strike resulting in the country’s oil output being cut in half.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Oil strike ends after pledge

Thursday 21st April 2016

OIL UNIONS in Kuwait ended a three-day strike over pay cuts in the state-owned industry yesterday, having won a pledge of no reprisals against workers.

The unions said the action showed their “ability to affect the production process.” …

Opposition parties warned over the weekend that the emirate’s government was moving to dissolve the oil sector unions and directing the prosecutor general to investigate their leaders.

“We’re glad to announce that the strike has succeeded in preserving the rights of the workers in the oil sector,” [trade union spokesperson] Mr Fadhel said.

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