23 thoughts on “‘Panamist David Cameron, resign as British Prime Minister’

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  2. Friday 8th April 2016

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    GLOBAL trade unions welcomed yesterday the revelations of corporate tax avoidance in the Panama Papers leak.

    International Transport Workers’ Federation general secretary Stephen Cotton drew the link between Panama’s position as a tax haven and a maritime flag of convenience.

    “And who pays the price? Seafarers, who are subject to poor conditions and lower wages because they’re at the mercy of a system that allows for minimal regulation and the acquisition of cheap labour.”

    Public Services International general secretary Rosa Pavanelli said money for vital public services “has been swindled away from the people.

    “The victims of tax evasion have a human face: they are the children who attend deteriorating schools, the elderly who see their health costs rise,” she said.

    But the revelations by the corporate-sponsored International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and the US government-funded Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg.

    British documentary-maker Mark Donne told Telesur news on Wednesday that Mossack Fonseca, the company at the centre of the scandal, was not even among the top 10 tax avoidance law firms.

    “Every single one of the top tax haven law firms are headquartered in London or headquartered in a UK overseas territory.”

    Mr Donne pointed out that the world’s biggest tax avoidance law firm, Maples and Calder, was founded by the
    late Conservative Party MP and deputy chairman John Maples.

    He said that transnational corporations’ network of shell companies in offshore tax havens amounted to a “second British empire” that had robbed developing nations of much-needed revenue.



  3. Saturday 9th
    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    TONY BLAIR’S reputation as a “pretty straight sort of guy” perished among the lies, distortions and dodgy dossiers that smoothed his invasion of Iraq. David Cameron’s authority is now similarly shot.

    The exposure of his stake in his father’s offshore stash makes a mockery of the PM’s repeated denunciations of tax avoidance as “not morally acceptable” and “wrong.”

    More seriously still, this self-appointed anti-corruption crusader — who planned to host an international summit on the topic next month — intervened personally to prevent a crackdown on offshore trusts as part of anti-tax avoidance measures being mooted by EU chiefs.

    The fact that he hasn’t been proved to have broken the law pales beside the fact that he ensured the law continued to protect the crooked practices that contributed to his own fortune.

    And they were crooked — whatever Blairite has-beens like John McTernan may claim about dodging tax being normal, burying your loot on a desert island isn’t behaviour we usually associate with law-abiding citizens.

    That Cameron is a hypocrite is not news. It has been demonstrated time and again.

    A Prime Minister who coined the phrase “compassionate Conservatism” has mercilessly put the boot in to Britain’s most vulnerable, depriving disabled people of the means to live in dignity and hammering the poor so hard even his brutal enforcer Iain Duncan Smith ended by resigning.

    The “one nation” leader who said before 2010 he rejected the “divisive” policies of Thatcher has pursued a radical right-wing assault on the public sector which has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, undermined the foundations of the National Health Service and is now bent on the demolition of state education through the academies drive.

    And the man who denounced the cosy links between politicians and the private sector that allowed “big business [to] find the right way to get its way” sponsored the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act, which in a breathtaking sleight of hand left corporate lobbying untouched while gagging the voices of charities and unions.

    But this long history of duplicity hardly weakens the case for his resignation.

    It can be easy to slip into a fatalistic assumption that Cameron will get away with it — men born into his privileged class so often do. But the people power that toppled the Icelandic prime minister earlier this week can be replicated here.

    Within a couple of days a suggestion on Facebook has given birth to a likely demonstration of thousands on the streets of London today, while in a week’s time the People’s Assembly, backed by the trade union movement, will marshal tens of thousands from communities the length and breadth of Britain demanding fundamental change.

    We are not voices in the wilderness. Big majorities support the nationalisation of strategic industries such as steel as well as of our railways and utilities.

    A massive clampdown on tax evasion and avoidance and a day of reckoning for the parasitical elite who are suffocating our country would meet public approval.

    And, as former mayor of London Ken Livingstone states in today’s paper, “Labour is now unafraid to connect with the mass movements and civil society that form our country’s wider opposition to the Conservatives.”

    It’s time to mobilise friends, families and comrades for a massive demo next weekend and for maximum unity of all progressive forces as we approach next month’s elections.

    David Cameron should resign. But he’s just one Tory. Our movement must become strong enough to wash them all away.



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